BMW 3 series E46

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

The BMW of 3 series Е46
+ Cars BMW 3 (Е46)
- Current leaving and service
   Current leaving
   The general information on adjustment
   Check of levels of liquids
   Check of a condition of tyres and pressure in them. A designation of tyres and disks of wheels
   Replacement of impellent oil and the oil filter
   Replacement of a filtering element of the air filter
   Checks of brake system
   Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon
   Condition check drivers ridge belts
   Check of a condition and replacement of hoses of an impellent compartment
   Check of functioning of system of cooling and frost resistance of a cooling liquid
   Check of a condition of system of release of the fulfilled gases
   Check of level of oil in a manual box of a gear change
   Check of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering
   Check of a condition of protective covers of power shafts
   Check of level of a liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel
   Visual check of a body and its bottom
   Check of seat belts
   Rotation and replacement of wheels
   Condition check, replacement of brushes and adjustment of a corner of screen wipers
   Check of a condition of the battery, care it and gymnastics
   Replacement of a brake liquid
   Check and replacement of spark plugs
   Check of fuel system, replacement of the fuel filter. Operation of diesel model in the conditions of winter
   Greasing of loops and locks of doors
   Replacement of a battery of a key of remote control
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission and transmission a line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Current leaving and service


Types and volumes of applied greasings and liquids

Petrol engines


неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 95


неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 95


неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)

323i неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)
325iнеэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)
328i неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)
330i неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)
M3неэтилированное, is not worse PETROL 983)
3) refuelling by gasoline PETROL 95 with insignificant decrease in capacity of the engine Is possible. PETROL 91 it can be applied only in exceptional cases.
Diesel engines
Diesel fuel on DIN EN 590 Tsetanovoe number not less than 49
Do not use biodiesel fuel (a methyl aether рапсового oil)
The tsetanovoe number characterises ability of diesel fuel to spontaneous ignition.
Operation in winter conditions
Winter diesel fuel which depending on its mark provides engine trouble-free work at temperature to-15S or to-22S.
Heating of the fuel filter
The car is equipped by the device of heating of the fuel filter. Thanks to it the fuel calculated on its application at temperature to-15S, it is possible to use at temperature approximately to-25S.
If at air temperature more low-25S fuel became so dense that the engine is not started, to allow to the car some time to stand in a warmed premise enough.
To diesel fuel it is not necessary to mix the various additives raising its fluidity.
At temperature drop of external air more low-9S to summer дизтопливу it is possible to add kerosene (in % from total volume)
From–9 to-15S10 %
From–15 to-25S30 %
More low-25S50 %
At temperature drop of external air more low-20S to winter дизтопливу add means of reduction of viscosity or kerosene (in % from total volume)
From–20 to-26S10 %
From–26 to-31S30 %
More low-31S50 %
Capacity of a fuel tank
Approximately63 l
Including a reserve8 l
The tank windscreen
Without фароомывателя5.3 l
With фароомывателем5.6 l
Impellent oil (Address also to section materials Automobile химикалии, oils and greasings).
Type: certified BMW oils of long service life - long life p/n 07 511470 407 (as a last resort А3 on АСЕА for petrol engines or А3 and В3 – for diesel engines)
Viscosity SAE OW-30: CASTROL Formula SLX, DEA Ultec Syn-T, ESSO Ultron (Fuel Economy), SHELL Helix Ultra, VEEDOL Syntrhon.
Viscosity SAE OW-40: АRAL Super Tronic, AVIA SYNTH, BMW Super Power Spezial, BP VISCO 7000, MOBIL 1, SHELL Helix Ultra.
Viscosity SAE 5W-30: AGIP TECSINT, ARAL Super Tronic, BMW Super Power Plus, CASTROL TXT, DEA Viscobil S1, FINA FE 2000 5W-30, LIQUI MOLY Profi Synthol, MOBIL 1, MOBIL 1 Rally Formula, SHELL Helix Ultra, VALVOLINE Syn Power, VEEDOL Spezial R Plus.
Viscosity SAE 5W-40: AGIP Extra HTS, АRAL Super Tronic, AVIA SYNTH, BMW Super Power, BP Visco 5000, DEA Viscobil S1, ELF Synthese, ESSO Megatron, FINA First, FINA Motortronic RS, LIQUI MOLY Synthoil High Tech, MOBIL 1, MOBIL 1 Rally Formula, MOTUL Synergie, SHELL Helix Plus, SHELL Helix Ultra, TOTAL Activa 9000, TOTAL quartz 9000, VALVOLINE Syn Power.
The diesel engine 320d
Any impellent oils simultaneously corresponding to norms ACEA A3-96 and ACEA B3-96. Viscosity: OW-X, 5W-X and 10W-X. Here Х designates any value, for example 30, 40 or 50.
Volume, with filter replacement
316i, 318i4.0
320i, 323i, 328i6.5
320d 5.0
Difference between marks “max” and “min” on a measuring core1 litre
Cooling system Mix of soft water (60 %) and антифризного a concentrate (40 %)
Antifriznyj concentrate Aral Antifreeze Extra, DEA Kuhlerfrostschutz, GlycoShell, Glysantin Protect Plus, Mobil Frostschutz 600
System volume
316i, 318i6.0
320i, 323i, 328i8.4
320d 7.0
The quantity of antifreeze added in system of cooling for maintenance of demanded frost resistance (thus as much a cooler to merge), l
It is more low shown, how many antifreeze it is necessary to add to provide desirable frost resistance.
Example: Measurement on the engine 316i, 318i shows protection to temperature-10S. In this case it is necessary to merge of 2.0 l from system of a cooling liquid and instead of it to fill in 2.0 l of a pure concentrate. It will provide protection of the engine to temperature-35S.

The values resulted in the table are valid at temperature of a cooling liquid nearby +20С.

Manual box of a gear change
Typeтрансмиссионное oil MIL-L-2105 or API-GL-4, viscosity SAE 80 (If the stopper of refuelling of oil has a yellow or green label, use special oil BMW if an orange label - ATF-Dexron, resolved BMW)
Volume About 1.1 l
Automatic transmission
TypeATF ESSO EGL 71 141 or VW-ET № G052 162 А2 (light yellow)
At replacement 3.0 l
In total 5.3 l
Reducer of the back bridge
Type For гипоидных transfers SAE 75W-90 (AGIP HLX, ARAL oil for transmissions BS, AVIA гипоидное 75W-90 EP, BMW oil for reducers of back bridges Synthetik OSP, CASTROL SAF-XO, DEA Dearon BHS, FINA Potronic MS and–MX, MOBIL Gearlube VS 600, BP Energear SHX, ELF Tranself BM 75W-90, SHELL oil for transmissions OLS-BMW, MOTUL Hypo Synt, ESSO NLS 75W-90)
Volume0.9 l
SteeringATF marks Aral Getriebeцl ATF 22 D-22 144, BP Autran LTF, Shell ATF Dexron II D-21-631, Mobil ATF 220 D-20104, Total Dexron II D-21298, Esso ATF D-21 065;
Brake system 1.0 l, DOT 4 (BASF Hydraulan 413, DOT 4; Castrol GT LMA, DOT 4; Shell Brake Fluid, DOT 4)
System of the conditioner of air
Oil 4.3 – 4.8 ounces (129-144 ml)
Coolant 34.4 – 36.0 ounces (1032-1080 ml)
Greasing of power shafts
Greasing typeSpecial greasing
Greasing volume80 гр
Greasing for battery plugs Bosch Ft 40 v 1
Greasing of loops and locks of doors консистентную greasing, for example, “Optimol-Optitemp TT 1”
Ridge клиновые belts
318i 6 РК x 1733 (5 РК x 950)
320d 5 РК x 2030 (5 РК x 836)
320i, 323i, 328i6 РК x 1538 (5 РК x 863)
The size of tyres//Disks of wheels
316i, 318i, 320d195/65 R 15 91 V//6.5 J x 15
320i 205/60 R 15 91 V//6.5 J x 15
323i 205/55 R 16 91 V//7 J x 16
325i 205/55 R 16 W//7 J x 16
328i 225/50 R 16 92 W*//7 J x 16
330i, 330d 205/50 R17 W//7J x 17
Spare wheelТ 125/90 R 15 96 M//3.5B x 15
*) Application of snow chains for tyres of the specified sizes is not supposed
Pressure of air in tyres of forward wheels//back wheels, a bar
Polovinnaja loading
316i, 318i, 320d1.8//2.2
323i, 325i, 328i2.2//2.6
Total load
316i, 318i, 320d2.2//2.7
320i 2.4//2.9
323i 2.6//3.1
325i, 328i2.7//3.2
Spare wheel4.2
Sizes of nominal pressure of air for all sizes of normal tyres established at factory (summer tyres, all-weather tyres) are specified on a label on a rack of a door of the driver.
Category of speed of tyres
S 180 km/hour
T 190 km/hour
H 210 km/hour
V 240 km/hour
W 270 km/hour
Y Over 270 km/hour
ZR Over 240 km/hour

The word “reinforced” in the end of tyre marks means the strengthened execution.

Spark plugs
Interelectrode backlash 0.7 – 0.8 mm
Candles with four electrodes of weight0.9 – 1.0 mm (are not regulated)
The size on a turn-key basis16 mm
The storage battery
TypeThe unattended
Pressure12 In, negative weight
Capacity (starting current)
316i, 318i50 Ach (265 A)
320i, 323i, 328i, 330i75 Ach (380 A)
320d 85 Ach (410 A)
330d 95 Ach (450)
The battery брелка remote control by the uniform lock CR 2016
Efforts of a tightening of carving connections
The moments of an inhaling of fixture are resulted also in the text of the Head and on some иллюстрациях*.
Masloslivnye stoppers in the pallet картера the 4-cylinder engine30 Н•м
Stopper маслоналивного apertures of automatic transmission15 Н•м
Spark plugs25 Н•м
Bolts of fastening of wheels100 Н•м

Kind under a cowl. Models 318i


Kind under a cowl. Models 320i, 323i, 328i


Kind under a cowl. Models 320d

1 — the tank of a brake liquid
2 — probe for measurement of level of oil in the engine
3 — the tank of the hydraulic booster of a steering
4 — a broad tank of system of cooling

5 — маслозаливная a mouth
6 — the tank glass - and headlight wipers
7 — the plug "plus" used for start from an auxiliary source
8 — the storage battery (also can be located in a luggage carrier)